The Cause of Canonization
Mother Mary Lange Guild 
Board Members

The Board - what is it?

The Mother Lange Guild Board of Directors is that group of persons invited and interested in sharing leadership whose purpose and aim is to advance the cause for canonization of Servant of God Mary Lange. They participate more fully in promoting the cause. They are guided by the motto of the Oblate Sisters of Providence “Providentia Providebit (Providence Will Provide). They recognize God’s presence in every facet of life. Providence spirituality directs members toward a ministry of services as they interact with God’s people and carry out God’s will in the world. 

Membership of the Mother Lange Guild Board, the governing body of the Guild, promotes the cause through assisting and working with the Oblate Sisters of Providence.

Their purposes are to:

• Promote the cause for canonization of the Foundress of the Oblate Sisters of Providence.
• Provide information, plan activities and sponsor projects to   educate people on the heroic life of virtues, works and charism   
  of Mother Lange.
• Assist in all matters relative to advancing the cause for   canonization of Mother Lange.
• Commit to prayer for canonization on a regular basis, asking God’s favors through the intercession of Mother Mary Lange.
• Make a pilgrimage to one or more of the sites associated with Mother Mary Lange.
• Assist in raising funds and soliciting contributions to the Mother Lange Guild for the purpose of promoting her cause.
• Recommend memorial contributions to the Mother Lange Guild in lieu of flowers.

Board Members are expected to attend at least 75% of meetings throughout the year, participate on at least one Board committee, participate in the recommitment ceremony annually, be current in Guild membership dues and financially support the Guild. 

Any Board member realizing her/his inability to fulfill the requirements set forth in the Guild Constitution and bylaws is expected to submit a letter of resignation addressed to the Board President and the director(The designated liaison of the Oblate Sisters of Providence). 

Membership dues/fees for board member: 
Annual Individual $ 15.00 
Perpetual Individual $ 100.00 

Current Mother Lange Guild Board
Ex-Officio Members of the Board
Most Reverend William Lori
Archbishop of Baltimore
Sister Rita Michelle Proctor, OSP
Superior General
Sister Magdala Marie Gilbert, OSP
Officers of the Board
Dr. Camille Brown
Mrs. Joslyn Alexander
Vice President
Sister Marcia Hall, OSP
Mrs. Marie Wicks
Other members of the Mother Mary Lange Guild Board
Rev. John Kemper, SS
Deacon Siegfried Pressberry
Deacon Al Turner
Mrs. Janet Wiggins
Dr. Winifred J. Booker
Mrs. Carole Coaxum
Rev. Donald Fest, SSJ
Mr. Molver Fieffe
Dr. Frances Gordon
​Mrs. Phyllis Johnson